Case Study: Rahr Dog

Image of Rahr Dog

Rahr Dog asked OAM to develop marketing materials and packaging for a national product launch to break through the competitive landscape of pet and dog products. Their product stands out in part because of its high-quality, but is most differentiated by its efforts to raise awareness around dog rescue. Video Production Streaming Design Challenge The challenge […]

Case Study: The University of Texas at Dallas

Case Study: The University of Texas at Dallas

In 2020, UT Dallas encountered the obstacle of organizing a graduation experience that prioritized the safety of students, faculty, and families amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In their quest to engage individuals virtually, the university partnered with OAM to create a captivating virtual graduation ceremony specifically tailored for its GLEMBA business graduates. Strategy Video Production Streaming […]

Case Study: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

Video Production Streaming Strategy Goal Create a digital fundraising event that will be livestreamed worldwide, incorporating historical archives. Additionally, we will produce a branded documentary specifically tailored for the Dallas event, ensuring that all expenses remain within the allocated budget. Challenge The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum annually organizes the ‘Hope for Humanity’ evening […]

Case Study: Toyota

Toyota Wrap Image

Through its philanthropic work in West Dallas, Toyota has demonstrated a commitment to building strong, sustainable communities. By working closely with local organizations and community members, the company has been able to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who call West Dallas home. Video Production Streaming Challenge Toyota wanted to communicate the […]

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