Case Study: Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum


Create a digital fundraising event that will be livestreamed worldwide, incorporating historical archives. Additionally, we will produce a branded documentary specifically tailored for the Dallas event, ensuring that all expenses remain within the allocated budget.


The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum annually organizes the ‘Hope for Humanity’ evening for the DFW community. This event features educational programs and storytelling presented to a live audience that spans across multiple generations. 

The museum relies on the fundraising efforts from this evening as their primary event and operates within a strict budget to create content that helps them achieve their financial goals.


OAM devised a comprehensive strategy to generate content aimed at increasing awareness and raising funds. This strategy involved establishing a comfortable studio environment to record impactful speeches by Holocaust survivors, museum leadership, and board members. Additionally, a documentary was curated with the intention of making a powerful and emotional impact.


The museum exceeded their fundraising goal by 10X and the event continues to be seen by viewers worldwide. An unknown positive result was the ability to reach a new audience of potential and future donors who may not have been able to afford a ticket to the in person event. As a result of the success of the ‘Hope for Humanity’ event, DHHRM continues to collaborate with OAM in digital fundraising initiatives to maintain engagement and further their fundraising goals.

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