Case Study: Rahr Dog

Rahr Dog asked OAM to develop marketing materials and packaging for a national product launch to break through the competitive landscape of pet and dog products. Their product stands out in part because of its high-quality, but is most differentiated by its efforts to raise awareness around dog rescue.

Image of Rahr Dog
Image of Rahr Dog


The challenge for Rahr Dog was to introduce a new indestructible rubber ball for dogs in a highly competitive market. Additionally, they needed to develop a marketing strategy that would engage their target audience and create a sense of community around their brand.


Rahr Dog engaged with the OAM team to create a unique packaging design that would appeal to pet owners and communicate the company’s commitment to dog rescue. The packaging featured bright colors, playful graphics, and a clear message that for every ball purchased, a ball is donated to a shelter animal.  To build further awareness around dog rescue, Rahr Dog worked with OAM to develop an interactive component as part of their marketing strategy where consumers are encouraged to share videos of their dogs playing with the Rahr dog ball.


The interactive experience not only increased sales and exceeded revenue goals, but also helped build a sense of community around the brand, allowing pet owners to connect over their love of dogs and share their experiences with the product. The packaging design was effective in communicating the company’s mission and commitment to dog rescue.

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